How to Join a Hike

Refer to the hiking schedule on the home page to see the list of day hikes offered. Outings usually depart early Saturday morning – from the parking area next to Mr Price Sport at Somerset Mall, or from the Steynsrust bridge over the R44, depending on where we are driving to. Please note that the programme is provisional and changes may be made at short notice, particularly in view of forecast weather conditions.

Every hike will be confirmed during the preceding week by email, which will provide details of the hike as well as the contact number of the leader. You do NOT have to notify the leader that you intend joining a hike.

To receive emails regarding hikes, you need to join our mailing list. Non-members may also join this list. It is a free service.

Visitors are welcome to join our hikes and pay a visitor’s fee of R20 per hike. Alternatively you are invited to join the club. See the details on our membership page.

All hikers, members and non-members alike, are required to comply with the Gantouw Hiker’s Code of Conduct.

Please note that visitors and new members are required to participate in a grade 2 hike before attempting a more challenging hike. The leader may at his/her discretion decide not to permit a visitor or member to join a difficult outing. See our hike grading system and what to bring on a day hike.

Gantouw Hiker’s Code of Conduct

Protect the environment:

  • Stay on designated paths and do not take short cuts.
  • “Take out what you take in”.
  • Do not destroy vegetation or animal life.
  • Do not pollute water resources.
  • Obey all rules of the area where you are hiking.
  • Note the dangers of bees, snakes and baboons (in that order).
  • Smoking is not permitted on any Gantouw hikes. Do not dispose of cigarette butts on hiking trails.
  • Please leave your dog at home.

Hiker’s undertakings:

  • To accept the leader’s directions and decisions unconditionally.
  • To comply with this Code of Conduct when hiking.
  • To accept unconditionally that you hike entirely at your own risk.
  • To sign the hiking form whereby you accept the conditions stipulated at the head of the form before every hike.
  • To stay with the group at all times. Keep the person behind you in sight.
  • To ask someone to “stand by” and leave your pack on the trail if you need to leave the path.
  • To accept the leader’s judgement if you are considered physically incapable or inadequately equipped to participate in a specific hike.
  • To let the leader know if you are experiencing any difficulties.
  • Not to carry firearms or other dangerous weapons on hikes.
  • To behave in a socially acceptable manner.

Ensure that you are fit enough to hike:

  • You are personally responsible for ensuring that you are capable of completing a particular hike in a reasonable time, and that you are able to keep up with the group.
  • If you suffer from a serious medical condition you are obliged to give prior notice to the leader.